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A free simple and powerful event log research tool. Click on the clipmon option then go to your event log viewer in Windows 2000, 2003 or XP and click on the event, you will see a cut and paste button (the one that looks like a sheet of paper) click it, EventSeeker will detect that this is a cut and paste from the event log, grab the event id and source and then query the selected search engine with that information.


Beta: Includes Visual Ping, Visual Trace Route (pictured above), Whois lookup, DNS lookup, TFTP client and Finger.


A free and simple password reset program written in VB using ADSI so it will work with NT, XP, 2000 and 2003. Allows someone to reset a password, assign a new one or temporary one that will ask the user to change it at the next login. It also allows you to unlock the account and will save a list of users accounts in a cache file that way you do not have to pull the entire user list from the DC each time it starts.

WebtoWall is a free Active Desktop wallpaper changer on steroids. WebtoWall grabs its images off of the Internet. You can add your own selection of web cams, radars and pictures.  Plays animated images such as radar loops, has a customizable refresh rate for image retrieval, will rotate between the selected images, has the ability to display the current image in a separate sizeable window that can float on top of your desktop with transparency, (allowing you to work and still view the image it is displaying on your wallpaper) can archive the images in a folder for later review, allows you to do a instant snapshot of the current displayed image, supports proxies and is multi-user friendly.


Simple and free CD auto run that allows you to display a bitmap, play a wave file and open a file with the associated program.. Web addresses are supported as well.

BlastAway connects to the Chamber of Commerce and BBB web sites, dynamically queries their web databases, then parses the results and sends an email or / and fax with the attached file (resume or whatever you desire) to the email address or fax number that was listed for the business. Check out the R&D section.

Crawls web cam databases on the internet, verifies that the web cams are valid, then FTPs the report file in a format that WebtoWall can read to a FTP sight.


Email Verifier
Determines if the email address is valid by doing a DNS MX query look up to locate all MX servers for that domain, it then tries to send an email to each server using the SMTP RFC via a low level socket interface, if the server replies with an OK or a forward address, then the email address is valid.


A Banner Server wrote in 1996, that was used by several Internet companies to rotate banner advertisements across their Web pages or member's web pages. One of the largest clients who used the program was a Swedish Search engine who had several million hits a day.


My Personal Recruiter
Submits your resume to every listing on based on keywords in the job description. Check out the R&D section for more info.


This patent pending application developed for resides on the client PC (requires Windows 2000, XP and above). The uploader can take any type of file, encode it to the right format and upload the material automatically to the Streaming Server. Unlike any other video editing software, the Uploader doesn’t require any SPECIAL skills and a task that otherwise requires many hours of labor is reduced to few point-and-clicks.


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